Our Beliefs


Building a shared future for everyone. Our Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) objectives are an indispensable part for guiding our daily work activities, which are to protect environment, protect our staff’s health and eliminate hazard, eventually create better work places, more healthy communities and a more successful business. It is our policy that we make it collectively:

    • Manage our projects and facilities in compliance with Authority standards and environmental and operational best practices
    • Promote the use of safe technologies to minimize our impact on the environment
    • Provide employees with the training, procedures and motivation to assure environmental compliance
    • Carry out an effective pollution prevention program
    • Minimize and dispose of waste in an environmentally responsible manner

Protecting our most valuable asset – our people. SAFETY FIRST is the commitment from all of our employees, business partners, subcontractors and clients alike – to adhere to its principles.

  • Deploy effective work policies and training programs that strive to ensure safety and proper risk management for everyone at all times
  • Conduct ourselves in the safest possible manner, eliminating hazards and ensuring safety across all our operations
  • Provide each person with a safe and healthy workplace environment

SAFETY FIRST is our individual and collective undertaking to: Only when we work together can we eliminate hazards and ensure safety. We all stand committed to safety first.



In serving clients, business partners, employees, stakeholders and communities alike, we aspire to carrying out sustainable business practices, minimizing environmental impact and exhibiting genuine care and concern for the communities we operate in. Performing at the highest standards, we aim to:

  • Act in an ethical manner committed to integrity, teamwork, entrepreneurial spirit and professional and personal fulfillment
  • Exercise sound corporate governance and compliance practices including adherence to all applicable laws while maintaining transparency in the reporting of these activities
  • Eliminate corrupt business practices
  • Maintain sound work policies and provide training programs associated with our SAFETY FIRST initiative
  • Identify and implement practical and measurable Green building design, construction, operations and maintenance solutions

Challenge yourself to be your best. “Excuses” are detrimental to the workplace and our personal development. By making, providing, accepting or giving excuses, we fail to act with virtue. NO EXCUSES is our policy calling on everyone to challenge themselves to perform at their best. Being your best means working with integrity when dealing with clients, sub-contractors, colleagues and service providers. At Spaceframe, we promote a culture of excellence with open, honest communication and transparency in the workplace. By doing so, we encourage employees to take responsibility for their actions in a solution-driven way. When we take responsibility for our actions, there are NO EXCUSES.