Spaceframe China were recently awarded a landmark pre-engineered metal building contract for a green field manufacturing and assembly project in Hunan Province central China.
The 60,000㎡ structure is currently being engineered to ensure full compliance with China’s stringent design codes and to optimise the main elements to achieve the most elegant and cost effective solution.

It is anticipated that 6,000,000 kilograms of carbon steel will be required to complete the main structure not including ancillary structural elements.

This type of structure is considered “heavy duty” due to the design requirement to incorporate 34 large bridge cranes with the capacity to lift single loads of up to 200 tonnes and spans of almost 50m.

With a total length of 470m and a width of 140m and height well over 25m high, it is the equivalent of 9 full size football pitches or an area around that of China’s National “Birds Nest” Stadium in Beijing which comes in at 330m long by 220m wide.